Possession 2 is now Possession…also, Steam Page!

A couple of announcements.
First of all, I’ve finally decided to just call the new game Possession, for reasons detailed in my earlier post.

Second, and more exciting, the Steam page for Possession is live! If you’re a Steam user and you’re interested, go ahead and wishlist or follow it to be notified when it comes out!
On the “when it comes out” note, on the page I’ve put down a tentative November release date. I’d like to actually get it out in October, but I’m also getting married at the beginning of October so I’d basically have to to have the game done in September to release in October as soon as I get back from my honeymoon, and I’m not sure that’ll happen. Things are coming along, but I have no idea how long testing will take.

Although I haven’t been posting here much, I am posting about Possession more regularly on twitter and the Weirdfellows Facebook page, so give those a follow for more regular, shorter progress notes.

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