Pleasantville by Night

By day, the city of Pleasantville is a model community. Visitors marvel at its clean streets, expertly manicured lawns, and friendly locals. Its city park has even won regional awards ten years in a row.

Pleasantville by Night, however, is a different story. Even in the nicest neighborhoods, all the houses have the windows firmly shut and the doors securely locked. No matter how hard you might knock, how desperately you might plead, how loudly you might scream, nobody will come to help you.

You see, at night, the monsters come out.

Mysterious secret societies lurk in the darkness, looking to take over Pleasantville for their own ends. Those who venture into the city at night quickly find that joining one of these societies is the only way to survive.

Pleasantville by Night is a browser-based humor/horror RPG with a strong community focus. Join a secret society and work with other players to take over the city!

Pleasantville by Night can be played in your browser, or through Facebook.

Screenshots (click to enlarge):

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