Welcome to Weirdfellows.

We’ve made a few games which you can check out in the menus above, but our major project is Possession, a traditional roguelike where you play as a ghost and take over the bodies of your enemies.

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One thought on “Home

  • Love Expert

    Hello, my name’s Grimwald. I am an expert at the Love2d game development framework as well as the Lua programming language and programming in general. I also am a grandmaster of game design and have been involved in the creation of a Ludum Dare entry — more than once. While sipping on my cognac this fine, late-spring afternoon I have came across your game in this unsightly thread on these meager forums. It appears you have made substantial progress since the initial phases of development and I must commend you on releasing a finished product, not a common feat in this age of our digitally-distracted youth. I do wish you much success and will proceed to spread word of your game to the folks at the lodge this weekend. Thank you for sharing with us detailed accounts of your development milestones — we certainly can learn a lot from your failures and setbacks, and your successes provide inspiration for all of us, from the humble pottery makers to the proud deep sea divers. I will keep an image of this game in the back of my mind the next time I go on an archeological excursion, a little hobby of mine which has led me to some international renown and as well as some more than substantial personal wealth. I wouldn’t say you’ve heard of me on the news, though, since I operate mainly in the seedy underworld of the global black markets for certain artifacts. Again, I thank you for your contribution to our culture, and I am convinced that future generations will come to cherish it.