Possession: Music Update

Things are still coming along. Work on music is a big slow going because creating music digitally isn’t something I have a ton of experience with (and really, creating music period isn’t something I’ve done much of since I was in a band back in high school!)

I’ve got a little under 3/4 of the tracks done now. As a preview, here’s the track for the generic dungeon levels:

Another thing that I realized I need to do before release is ensure that modding works properly, and to do that I need to actually create a mod!
So I’m creating an entire extra level, with unique creatures, features, etc. to test that it all works. I’ll also be releasing the source for so it can be used as an example for any mod-makers.

Sunken City level

To make things clear: While Possession will support extensive modding from Day 1, Steam Workshop integration will not be in the initial release. I hope to add it down the line, but I honestly haven’t really even looked into what that will entail yet so I can’t promise it.

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