Possession: Happy New Year

Happy New Year! It’s still January here so I can still say that. Here’s where things stand for Possession going into 2018…

First of all, I thought I’d changed the Steam release date from January 2018 back in December, but apparently I didn’t save it, so it was still showing as January 2018 up until a week or so ago. Sorry if anyone got their hopes up, it’s not releasing in January.

Predictably, I didn’t get as much done during the holidays as I’d hoped. But I’ve sat down, looked at what I still have to do, and what needs to be done before I can get the game out for testing. That’s going to be my #1 priority for time I spend on the game going forward. There are plenty of things I can work on while it’s in testing, or afterwards (like sounds and music), but I want to get the game in front of people to play through and help identify bugs, and problems or changes that have to be made.
All in all though, really all I have to do to get it to that point is finish fully implementing all the levels and creatures, which is mostly done.

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