Possession 2: New Preview Release!

There’s a new preview build of Possession 2 available. Download it below!

This build features the same levels from the last release, though there’s been a lot of interface improvements, a tutorial’s been added and creature graphics are now animated. It also includes the ability to save your game!

Content-wise, there’s been some additions and tweaks to many of the creatures on the levels, as well as in some cases the levels themselves. I’ve also made some changes to the way possession works. Now, possession has a cooldown that increases the more bodies you possess, as well as an “adjusting to body” period where you don’t fight as effectively, that also increases the more times you possess things.

Check it out, and let me know what you think. I’m especially curious as to how you think the changes to possessing work. Comment here, email me at contact at weirdfellows dot com, or post on the forums at weirdfellows.com/forums.

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