Possession 2 Announcement

I am working on a sequel to Possession: Escape from the Nether Regions, the 7-day game I made earlier this year. I’m currently calling it Possession 2: Return to the Nether Regions, because it is a terrible name. Whether it’ll stick or not depends, but it’s growing on me.

I’ve actually been working on it for a while, since the beginning of the month, which is nice because that means I can slack off for a few days and still post up something and pretend it’s something new I’ve been working on. While the majority of the changes will be adding new content, I also am going to make some changes to the basic mechanics of the game, involving how possession works. Specifically, I want to make it so that there’s more risk involved, so that it’s not always the best choice to immediately possess a new individual of the creature you’re already possessing.

To that end, here’s a development version. It has the same content as the old game (though it does have some interface improvements, but I’ll talk about that later), but trying to possess something now ejects you from the old body whether you succeed or not (unless you’re next to the new body), and causes your ghost form to zoom to the new target. If you fail to possess the target, they’re stunned (so they won’t just immediately kill you), but other enemies near them aren’t.

Mac Version

Windows Version (untested)

.love file (Usable on Mac, Windows or Linux, requires LÖVE Client)

This isn’t in the above version, but this is what I got done today. A system for projectiles, and giving ranged attacks to creatures. In this case, apparently a skeleton throwing its own bones at people.

(Apparently I can’t just post the animated image here, click to see it.)

The new game WILL feature graphics, so you don’t have to play with ASCII characters, but I’ve got someone else working on those, so that depends when he gets done. You might also notice some new animation, like the floating damage numbers above the creatures’ heads. I’ll talk more about that later. Also, also, I now use Twitter (it’s for marketing, I swear!) Follow @vaughantay if you want

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