Possession 2: Programmer Art, and First New Creature!

Creatures from levels 1 and 2...plus the ratling fungal wizard, just because.

Creatures from levels 1 and 2…plus the ratling fungal wizard, just because.

As I mentioned earlier, I have someone working on graphics for the game, and hopefully I’ll be seeing what he’s done sometime this weekend.

For the time being, though, I’ve made some quick little pixelly sprites on my own, to test the graphics code with (and also to make screenshots more interesting).

I’d also like to introduce the first new creature in the game: the caretaker! He’s found on the first level, and is a sort of stealth-based character.


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He has some unique abilities that aren’t really like anything in the first game. First of all is Undead Repellant, which keeps undead from noticing you (though they’ll still notice you if you attack them!). The second one is Undead Bait. If you throw it at an empty square, it will make nearby undead congregate around it. But, if you throw it at another creature, it will make all nearby undead attack THEM instead!

(Unfortunately, the screenshot I just took reveals that the creature will also attack ITSELF, so that needs to be fixed).

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