Possession Development Log – Day 0 2

I am going to be taking part in the 2013 7-Day Roguelike Challenge. Starting tomorrow, I will have 7 days to create a brand-new Roguelike game.

I’ll be posting my progress on the main site for the challenge, 7drl.org, but I’ll also be crossposting here.

My idea is fairly simple: you play as a ghost escaped from the underworld, whose physical form is too weak to fight, but who can possess the bodies of the monsters you encounter. Apparently there’s someone else developing a similar game this year, and they used the name I originally wanted to use: Possessor. Oh well. Just gives me more incentive to make mine the best it can be!

I’m building the game using the LÖVE 2d engine. I’ve already written a bit of generic roguelike code (movement, combat, dungeon generation, generic stuff) which I’ll be using, but all the content and a great deal of the mechanics will be new.

This is my first 7DRL, and really my first Roguelike, though not my first game. I also write and develop Pleasantville by Night, a browser-based humor/horror RPG. Never tried to write a game within a time limit though (not to mention, whose genius idea was it to make this overlap with St. Patrick’s Day weekend?), so we’ll see how this goes!

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