Release: Possession 1.2 – Graphical Version

I’ve released a new version of the original Possession. No gameplay changes, but this adds support for graphics, though it has nowhere near the polish and fancy effects that Possession 2 has.

There are separate settings for creature and environment graphics, so if you like having ASCII characters for creatures, but want a graphical level, you can. Or, if you like having creature graphics, but an ASCII level, you can, too.

Screenshots: (Click to enlarge. Full graphics mode, ASCII creatures mode, ASCII environment mode, full ASCII mode)


If you haven’t played it, give it a try. It’s free!

This isn’t Possession 2. It uses the same sprites, but Possession 2 has much more polish and flair. I’m still continuing to work on Possession 2, if you’re interesting in receiving updates, go ahead and sign up for our newsletter:

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