Possession Dev Log – Days 5-7

For more information on Possession, you can view my Day 0 Post.

Days 5 and 6 were mostly content, but I didn’t get much done in general because of work. I had today off, though, and I’ve been working on it all day, and…

It’s basically done. I’m kind of stunned.

I mean, there are still a few bugs to work out, I still want to do more playtesting and balance tweaking, and I still have to get it ready for distribution, but all of that is completely doable by 3pm tomorrow.

Even if something happens and I have no time to work on it after right now, it’s totally playable in its current state. You can win, you can lose, it saves your progress, there’s a high score table for your winning games.

Here’s the main screen. It’s hardly award-winning, but it works.


You’ll be able to play it tomorrow.

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