Possession 2: Special Level, The Tombs

Not only will Possession 2 feature greater variety in its regular levels, but there will also be several “special levels” which you will sometimes visit instead of a regular level. The special levels are themed, featuring special tiles and design, and creatures that fit the theme. More interestingly, they usually feature special tiles, features, effects or layouts.

The Tombs are the first special level I’ve made. They’re a series of rooms connected by corridors. Inside, you might be lucky(?) enough to find mummified kings sleeping amongst massive piles of treasure!


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Being a ghost, you don’t really have much use for gold. But the mummies don’t know that, and if you touch their gold, they’ll come to life and attack!

There are also cultists scattered throughout the tombs, who wander until they find a mummy, then begin worshipping it. While the cultists aren’t very strong (and the mummies themselves are a bit on the weak side, too), if you’re not careful you could find yourself being chased by a mob!


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There’s an upside, though. If you possess a mummy, unaligned cultists may start worshipping and following you instead!


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There are other creatures in the tombs, too, such as deadly sphinxes, adventurous archeologists, as well as our old “friends” the tourists:


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