Possession 2: Fun with Checkboxes

So much for pre-written posts preventing me from going months without a post. I could make excuses, I could call myself a garbage human being, but whatever. It is what it is. It just worries me, because I know that marketing is really what determines how well your game’s going to do, even more than how good the game itself is, and if I can’t even do the bare minimum of that…

Well, anyway. I have been working, but as usual, not as quickly as I’d like. Part of that’s because what I’ve been working on recently is probably the least fun part of any project: the settings screen.



I’m actually kind of proud of the work I did (though I hated doing it at the time). The old game had all the settings and their locations hard coded, so moving them or adding new ones was a pain in the ass. This one stores each setting as an object that handles drawing itself, changing and being highlighted, and I can move them around or change them easily. The settings screen itself just has to know the order they’re in, not exactly where they are.

Anyway, on more interesting note, this is the last big thing that needed to be done before I get a preview version out. I just need to semi-balance the levels that are going to be in the preview and make sure their creatures all have sounds and there aren’t any major bugs. Then I’ll be able to get a preview version out, hopefully along with a trailer, and I’ll get the game up on Steam Greenlight. Then we’ll see how bad my marketing skills really are…

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